Meet Elinor Folk, Featured Meadows Resident

lin-folk-2015Elinor Folk is not only a featured resident but also one of the first WAVES commissioned in the US Navy. Elinor enlisted in the Navy in 1942 feeling it was her duty to serve her country during wartime.

Her rank in the Navy was Petty Officer 2nd class.  She served as a LINK Trainer Instructor at Pensacola Naval Air Station, Whiting Field, Pensacola, Florida.  As a LINK trainer instructor, she trained Navy pilots about flight navigation on flight simulators. Mrs. Folk recounts, “And so we were the first WAVES at Pensacola Naval Air Station. Ten of us.  And that was very exciting.  That’s how I met my husband because we enjoyed a great deal of popularity.”

After her time in the service, Mrs. Folk settled in Nashville where she was a WPLN radio storyteller, news announcer and “Coffee Break” interviewer and producer. She was named 1972 SESAC FM Broadcaster of the Year for American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT) and served as a producer/broadcaster until 1995. She continued to perform and narrate for the Olde World Theatre until just a few years ago.

Today Mrs. Folk enjoys participating in various activities with other residents and is always thinking about how she can contribute her skills to the betterment of others.


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