Meet Mable McCay, Resident of the Month at Heartland

341d5e72-966c-408f-967d-64a5071b0f67Mrs. Mable McCay is an active member of our Heartland community and her home church Donelson Church of Christ. She keeps all of us at Heartland young at heart with her stories and her wit. Here at Heartland, she attends many of our socials, bingo, outings and entertainment. Be careful she is very knowledgeable and wins many trivia contests. She also keeps herself busy with Devotionals, Women’s Fellowship, reading and watching movies. Her family lives out of town but visits often. And her many church family and friends keep her busy as well.

Mrs. McCay was born June 24, 1917. She was one of five children. She married her husband in 1948. They raised one son and two daughters. Mr. and Mrs. McCay were married for many years before Mr. McCay’s death in 2004. Mrs. McCay was involved with the Tennessee Blind School for many years.

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